Friday, March 30, 2012

Let's Get Naked!

Welcome to Estella and Lucy's little corner of the world-wide-web. They're so glad you made it, and have arranged some tea and scones. Please, please, won't you make yourself comfortable and stay for a story?

What? You don't know who Estella and Lucy are. Okay. Fair enough. These undead ladies are new to the scene, and have been pretty secretive...until now.
Estella  is better known as the Vampire  Queen of the Rejected due to her major Haversham complex; dumped at the altar, she's Dracula's rejected bride. And boy does she harp on it. Still wears her Victorian wedding dress, moth holes and all.
Lucy Rot  was a  sweet girl who had a rather bad experience with magic. Now she's a zombie and Estella's lover and, for lack of a better work, lacky.
Together, they lure the unsuspecting into their dark basement for a fix of darkly erotic twisted tales...and dinner!
Think story within a story. Great expectations mashed with Tales from the Crypt to make Red Shoe Diaries.  Estella is the new Elvira. Lucy is  the new Igor.    
I can't think of a better way to introduce these, erm, ladies, than to give you a little preview from their introduction to the first story,
The Strange and the Beautiful.
(c) JoAnne Kenrick, Decadent Publishing. All rights reserved.
Unedited snipped.

 “Fancy bursting into my boudoir and expecting me to entertain on-demand. The cheek of it. You people have no manners.” Estella puffed her raspberry-red ratted hair into something that resembled an up-do and readjusted her breasts, shoving her plump flesh back into her color-aged, once-upon-a-time-white corset.“I know. I know. The word is out. I give great story. I do understand. Youre excited, who wouldn’t be? I am rather marvelous if I do say so myself. In my day, though, the men held doors open for ladies and the ladies tilted their necks for supper. Oh, no need to wrap that sweater further up your jugular, dear, Ive already eaten so Im not the moment.” Estella stretched her arms out, licked her canines, and hoisted her moth-hole ridden skirt to expose her alabaster thighs decorated with stockings laddered at the knees and splattered with fresh blood. “I cant vouch for Lucy, though. Shes always hungry, arent you my little Deady Bear.” Lucy groaned, burped, and stretched her neck out—to the right. Crack. To the left. Crunch—and dragged 

toward her mistress.“Quit being disgusting and help me out this coffin, would you?”

Yes, boss.” Lucy, her mostly-faithful servant, dragged herself across the neglected basement of their

 decaying house in the outskirts of York—the supernatural center of England—to her Mistress while cursing her gammy leg and zombie disabilities. Minutes later... she parked her behind on the edge of Estellas coffin and snaked her hand up her leg, smearing the blood as she went. “Finger-licking good,” she crooned before trailing her tongue over the torn material decorating Estella’s skin. “Shame Im missing two of them.” Lucy glanced at her left hand and snorted while studying the empty space where her two middle fingers should be. “Wonder where I lost them? You’d think I’d feel them snapping off, wouldn’t you? Have you seen them?”

Tsking, Estella kicked her off and turned her nose up to give the air of importance. Not because she felt she needed to show she was above Lucy—she had already put her in her place—but because she didn’t want her to see the admission in her eyes; she knew where those fingers were. “I ordered you to help me out my coffin, not suck my joint. My goodness, Lucy, your hunger for flesh is insatiable. What was I thinking taking in a zombie? Blonde and curvy you maybe, but youre always trying to gobble me up.”

BOOK ONE is coming soon! Check out the books in the nav bar for details on book two and three.

Book One, Tales from the Coffin

Estella, Vampire Queen of the Rejected, is sick of men. Or so she would have you think. Ditched at the altar by Dracula himself, she'd rather spend her days with what she now believes to be the more faithful gender. Plagued by a Haversham complex, she gets her kicks by luring prey into her decrepit house with promises of erotic tales...but mind your manners, and fingers, because she bites.

Lucy Rot, a zombie, is Estella's sometimes-faithful subject and lover. Although why she hangs around to be ridiculed and taunted by a bitter vampire, she has no idea. Not even when Estella shares the story of why Lucy was zombified by a doctor who is simply masterful with his hands. Could it be love?

Enter via the rafflecopter, and I'll arrange for the winner to get their hands on a free digital ARC of Strange and Beautiful (when it's available) and this Neo-Victorian steampunk-esk choker. It's very Lucy!

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  1. I'm so excited for this series from you, JoAnne! Your fabulous personality and snark are PERFECT for our new Elvira and lacky!!! Woohoo! Best of luck and many sales when it releases!
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  6. Congrats! :) Sounds like an awesome series. Definitely gonna grab them. :) Thanks for sharing and for the awesome giveaway! That necklace is so cool! I love it!

  7. Joanne!! The series looks wonderful - big congrats!!

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