Estella, and her little zombie friend Lucy, live (if you can call that living?) in a run down house right at the entrance to one of THE most infamous cemeteries in the United Kingdom. York Cemetery. Their humble abode isn't much to get excited about...unless your a house flipper! In which case, this house would be your dream. The structure is solid, and the roof in one piece. Step inside, though, and you'll see a different story; these girls seem to think they're in an episode of The Adams Family. It's not that they enjoy cobwebs and dust. It's just, well, it sets the ambiance for the tourists looking for a thrill to add onto the end of their haunted city tour. A decrepit house gets them every time, as does the promise of a dark erotic tale. No ghost hunter or sightseer can resist taking a peek at an The Gatehouse in its original 19th century condition. Oh, I forgot to mention that part, didn't it? Well, if there is one thing you should know about this two, it's that they don't do things by halves.
Actual Cemetery Gate House in York now used as an Information hub for tours etc...

The most haunted city in the UK

YORK TV Ghosts of York Documentary